What you'll learn

  • How ATS Works

    Understand the 3 main jobs of Applicant Tracking Systems and learn how to use this to your advantage to get shortlisted for interviews.

  • The Best Resume Format

    Get easy to implement, practical advice so you can create the perfect resume design that will sail through ATS when you apply for online jobs.

  • What Recruiters Want

    Discover what recruiters actually want to see - and not see- when you submit a job application to get you ahead of your competition.

"No nonsense approach"

Stefan Maslak

International Sales Manager

My CV was last professionally written back in 2006 so it was well overdue a re-work especially as everyone was on about ATS on LinkedIn. To me it sounded double-dutch but with scanners etc so I thought it was time to bring it up to date. Hence when you offered an ' I'll box the living daylight's out of your CV option' how could I refuse? Recruiters say it's excellent and I would definitely recommend you for your straight to the point no-nonsense approach to job search.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome onboard

    • How to use this course

    • Watch this quick demo of the system

  • 2

    So what exactly are Applicant Tracking Systems?

    • Why they exist - and why you should be worried.

    • What ATS does to your resume when you apply online

    • Think you've got it? Test your knowledge now with this quick quiz

  • 3

    ATS proof your resume now.

    • Ditch your fancy template: use this instead and watch your 'luck' change

    • 10 content edits that will make an impact

    • A word of caution: don't rely on this!

  • 4

    Let's take a look

    • Upload your resume for an appraisal

Bonus #1

Download an ATS Friendly Resume Template

This template has dummy content included to guide you. Just watch the videos, then replace sections with your own information.
image of a resume with ticks on it

Bonus #2

Personal Resume Appraisal

Get a free, one on one video appraisal of your newly edited resume so you can be sure you have got it right for your next job application.
illustration showing a video on a computer screen

"The appraisal was brutal"

Peter Brace

Training & Development Manager

The appraisal was brutal but its exactly what my resume and my career aspirations needed, a quick and honest attitude adjustment, so a very sincere thank you.


  • Is this course really 100% free?

    Absolutely. Plus we will add you to our weekly newsletter with more career advice and actionable tips.

  • How long will I have access to this course?

    We haven't placed any time restrictions on it so you can come back to review the information anytime you want.

  • Will you be writing my resume for me?

    No, this course is to help you edit your resume yourself so that it can get past ATS.

  • Will you help me if I get stuck or don't understand something?

    Sure we will. Just go to the discussions tab at the top right when you are in the course and ask us any questions you like.

  • English is not my first language. Are the videos easy to follow?

    Yes, we have taken this into account along with the fact that we know people have different learning styles. Beneath each video, the full transcript is available.

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Regularly recommend

Liliana Firus

Operations Manager

I regularly recommend this service to colleagues and friends currently looking for new jobs and needing help with polishing their resumes.

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